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Overview Guidance & Counseling (MPB)

The Master of Education (MPB) & Doctor of Philosophy (PPB) in Guidance & Counseling

Programme Summary

Post Graduate Studies in Guidance and Counselling 
at Faculty of Education, UTM
Faculty of Education UTM offers students with the opportunity to join taught course and research programmes in Guidance and Counselling at masters and doctoral level. This is in line with Vision 2020 in spearheading Malaysia towards becoming a developed nation.

Who should join the programmes?
•    In service counselling psychologists or therapist from various public or private sectors.
•    In service school teachers with relevant teaching experience who are interested to venture into the area of counselling psychology.
•    Individuals or students with the interest to further their studies in the area of counselling psychology

Why chose counseling?
•    In 2012, the Ministry of Health estimated that 3 million Malaysians are suffering from various mental illnesses like stress, mental disorders, schizophrenia, suicides, and others, while cases of social diseases within the society such as substance and drug abuse, premarital sexual activities and unwanted pregnancies among adolescents, as well as divorce rates are on the rise.
•    Based on the severity of such cases, the country is in need of qualified counsellors or counselling psychologists who can offer professional help to those who are affected.
•    This is in line with the country’s mission to provide a counsellor for each family (1 counsellor: 1 family).

Why choose counselling program in Faculty of Education UTM?
•    Has been producing counselling graduates at the post graduate level since 1994.
•    The quality of the programme is accredited by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors.
•    Lecturers and facilitators with doctoral degrees who are the experts in counselling.
•    Facilities include counselling clinic and resource centre.
•    Research areas include educational counselling, career counselling, family counselling, cross-cultural counselling, trauma counselling, crisis counselling, intervention strategies for substance or drug abuse and other related topics.
•    Greater chances of employability among graduates with the opportunities to secure positions in public or private institutions/organisations such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres and other settings.
•    Open to all candidates with the degree in counselling psychology, or guidance and counselling, or equivalent degrees from other areas. Candidates need to meet the satisfactory fulfilment of the terms and conditions applied for application*
* Candidates will have to meet the basic entry requirements for postgraduate programmes as detailed by Faculty of Education UTM 2013