About Me

Dr. Narina binti A. Samah
School of Education
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2018 marks the 17th year of my career as an academic at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).  Since joining the Faculty of Education in 2001, I always feel that I am embarking in a journey through which I can develop both my personal and professional selves. As an academic, I prioritise my responsibility in enhancing students’ learning experiences. For the past 17 years of my practice I am responsible to teach a number of courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Considering myself to be a qualitative inquirer, my current research interest is related to qualitative research method in education, a passion I developed while conducting my doctoral research. As a practitioner-researcher, I continue to venture into the multi-faceted qualitative designs as means of exploratory research on transformative learning and continuing professional development among teachers and academics, across disciplines and specialisations.

At the moment, my research projects focus on the cognitive aspect of learning and teaching. For instance, I recently secured a research grant in studying undergraduates’ performances of game-based problem solving task by examining brain functional connectivity using EEG signals. Prior to that, I received a FRGS to develop a model of cognitive pattern in complex problem solving for engineering undergraduates. Both projects are interdisciplinary in nature, as I collaborated with my colleagues from the faculty of engineering and Centre of Engineering Education (CEE).

Since 2014 I am the Research Executive to the Vice Chancellor, and since 2016, I also serve as the Research Officer at the Strategy Management Office (SMO). The years of working closely with the Vice Chancellor and also with the Pro Vice Chancellor (Strategy) have opened up my thinking about performance management of a public university, especially in the process involving in strategic planning, implementation, as well as monitoring. All these experiences have also expanded my research scope and the output of my research projects.

I welcome collaborators and students who are willing to make meaning out of their learning experiences to join me in embarking on inquisitive research journey.