This Semester:
SPPM 4712 Methods of Teaching Computer Science [Section 02/SPPS/Monday 1100-1300]

Previous Semesters:

Undergraduate Courses:
SPM 2102 Programming Language 1 (C++)
SPM 2322 Authoring Language
SPM 4712 Methods of Teaching Computer Science
SPM 2303 Technology of Digital Graphic, Animation, Audio & Video
SPM 1702 Multimedia Courseware Design
SPM 1002 Teaching and Learning Technology
SPM 3112 Programming Language 2 (VB)
SPM 1012 Telecommunication & Networking In Education
SPM 4332 CD-Rom Based Multimedia Development

Masters Courses
MPT 1183 Production of Instructional Materials
MPT 1483 Static Visual Production Technology
MPT 1113 Foundation of Educational Technology
MPT 1393 Web Based Multimedia Development
MPT 1293 CD-Rom Based Multimedia Development

Diploma Courses
KPD 4046 Methods of Teaching Computer Science
DPT 2263 Teaching and Learning Technology