Additional Equipment Budget

Today, I had emailed the dean of RMC for approval of buying 11 more units of equipment for my AR research. The application was approved by the deputy dean of RMC. Hope to generates more paper for the grant.

Pure Expert Profile

UTM had updated their Pure Expert website and had listed I as one of its expert. Yet, the profile is not fully function yet. But, it is a great start. … [Continue reading]

Thiyagarajan Convocation Day

Today is the convocation day for one of my student. So far, all of them graduated with dedicated efforts in their thesis. All the best and congratulation Mr. Thiyagarajan dan her wife. … [Continue reading]

Proposal Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan

Saya ada beberapa proposal kajian yang sesuai untuk digunakan bagi tujuan HLP (Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan) untuk sarjana dan juga PhD. Jika anda berminat, sila emel saya di … [Continue reading]

My Google Scholar Account … [Continue reading]

Engagement with UTM DVC Research & Innovation

Today the faculty is having engagement session with the UTM TNCPI (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research & Innovation). He encouraged us to published more paper. This year I had published 11 papers with 10 of it is in SCOPUS. InsyaALLAH will give … [Continue reading]

Manuscript for KAI 2016

I am currently writing another manuscript to be published in Sainshumanika Journal as part of my 2016 KAI. … [Continue reading]

Closing of PAS Research Grant

My PAS Research Grant Scheme had eventually ended this year. Alhamdulillah, it had significantly exceeding its KPI with 8 SCOPUS papers (KPI=1 SCOPUS), 7 International Conference Proceedings (KPI=0) and 1 non-indexed publication (KPI=0) generated as … [Continue reading]

Published Paper

Alhamdulillah. My PhD student, Sultan Alshammari's manuscript was accepted and published by Research Journal of Applied Sciences. He paper is entitled he Effectiveness of Video Games in Enhancing Students’ Learning. … [Continue reading]

Third Paradigm Academia

I am the third paradigm academia of Malaysia. The first generation focus on teaching. The second generation focus on teaching and research. My generation, we focus on research as the main core. Hope the government will maintain a sustainable … [Continue reading]