Award of Excellent Signed by Deputy VC

Mobile Application Final Exam

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Script Writing Workshop @ UTMLead

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Community Service Meeting

I had attended the meeting this morning. We have 5 community services projects to be deal with. … [Continue reading]

Fusion reactor endurance record hints at our energy future … [Continue reading]

MOOCs Workshop

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Car Free Day

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PRGS Proposal

I had discussed with a COE from UTM about a prototype to be commersialized. The development of this prototype will be via PRGS. Hopefully the proposal will be accepted and this project can be realized. … [Continue reading]

Web Hacking Workshop for Johor State IT Officer

I joined this workshop today. The objective is to help us develop a much secure web site. Later I had tested the technique learned to my web and several FP web. The result show that these webs have a good cybersecurity protection. Well done FP and … [Continue reading]

Courseware Presentation on HIV

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