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List of Program Coordinators (PG)


PPA /MPA – PhD / Master Of Education
( Management And Administration )

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lokman Bin Mohd Tahir
Email: p-lokman@utm.my
Room: C13-329-01
Tel: 07-5534380
faezah PPB /MPB – PhD / Master Of Education
( Guidance And Counselling )

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faizah Abd Ghani
Email: faizah_ag@utm.my
Room: C14-327
Tel: 07-5534326
sanitah PPPC /MPC – PhD / Master Of Education
( Curriculum And Instruction )

Name: Dr. Sanitah bte Mohd Yusof
Email: p-sanitah@utm.my
Room: C15-314
Tel: 07-5534400
zainudinhassan PPD /MPD – PhD / Master Of Education
( Education And Development )

Name: Dr. Zainudin bin Hassan
Email: p-zainudin@utm.my
Room: C15-311
Tel: 07-5534394
yeo PPE /MPE – PhD / Master Of Education
( Educational Psychology )

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeo Kee Jiar
Email: kjyeo@utm.my
Room: C14-315
Tel: 07-5534426
fatin PPF /MPF – PhD / Master Of Education
( Physics )

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatin Aliah Phang Abdullah
Email: p-fatin@utm.my
Room: C13-319
Tel: 07-5534557
joharisurif-234x300 PPK /MPK – PhD / Master Of Education
( Chemistry )

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Johari Surif
Email: johari_surif@utm.my
Room: C14-321
Tel: 07-5534435
huda PPM /MPM – PhD / Master Of Education
( Mathematics )

Name: Dr. Norulhuda bte Ismail
Email: p-norulhuda@utm.my
Room: M39 Block B Level 2
Tel: 07-5533182
azrena PPP /MPP – PhD / Master Of Education
( Educational Technology )
PPL – Online Learning (Master by Research/PhD)
PPT – Multimedia (Master by Research/PhD)
Name: Dr. Norazrena bte Abu Samah
Email: norazrena@utm.my
Room: M39 Block A Level 1
Tel: 07-5538840
PPU /MPU – PhD / Master Of Education
( Measurement And Evaluation )

Name: Dr. Rohaya Binti Talib
E-mail : rohayatalib@utm.my
Room : C15-321-01
Tel : 07-5534398
PPV /MPV – PhD / Master Of Education
( Technical And Vocational )

Name: Dr. Rafeizah Binti Mohd. Zulkifli
Email: rafaeizah@utm.my
Room: –
Tel: –
LA6-203x300 PPZ /MPZ – PhD / Master Of Education
(Teaching English As A Second Language – TESL)

Name: Dr. Fauziah Ismail
Email: alauyah@utm.my
Room: D06-321
Tel: 07-5532075
halijah ibrahim MPO/PPO – PhD / Master Of Education

Name: Dr. Halijah bte Ibrahim
Email: p-halija@utm.my
Room: C15-313
Tel: 07-5534388