Department of Educational Foundation and Social Science
Dr. Mahani Binti Mokhtar
Head of Department of Educational Foundation and Social Science

Welcome to the Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This department is committed to the highest ideals of National Philosophy of Education. At this department, students are the focus of all our educational endeavors. We strive to involve, engage, and enrich their lives in a welcoming environment in which they participate as members of a unique learning community. Students of all categories are able to shape, develop, and expand academic. They become active partners in learning. They are exposed to experiences that shape human values such as integrity, respect, and commitment.

Our academic and non-academic staff inspire students to question, think critically, and explore. They are accessible, encouraging students to pursue in-depth inquiry and engage in lively discussions that further illuminate and expand learning. They are also create programs that respond to the needs of school community, whether it’s to answer Higher Education Ministry’s need for dedicated teachers and school administrators or for working adults who seek further education or to improve their skills and employment opportunities.

The department difference can be measured by the breadth and scope of the educational programs and experiences, guided by a dedicated academic staff who are determined to see that students succeed.


Head of Department

Dr. Mahani Binti Mokhtar
B. Ed. TESL (Honours)(UKM)
M. Ed.  (Education & Development)(UTM)
Ph.D (Education)(Uni. of Bristol, UK)
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Room : C13-330-01
Tel (Office) : 07-5534261 / (Room) 07- 55342683


MOHD TAJUDIN B. HJ NINGGAL Prof. Dr. Mohd Tajudin bin Ninggal
B. Ed. (UPM)
M. Ed. (Western Michigan, USA)
Ph.D (Western Michigan, USA)
E-mel :
Room : C15-302-01
Tel : 07-5534843
najib Prof Dr. Mohamed Najib bin Abd Ghafar
B. Sc. (Biology) (Northern Illinois University, USA)
Diploma in Education  (UKM)

Master of Science (Educational Technology) (UTM)
Ph.D (Univeristy of Surrey, Guildford, UK)
E-mel :

Room : C14-337-01
Tel : 07-5534426
Prof Dr. Abdul Hafidz bin Hj. Omar
(Sports Innovation Technology Centre (SITC) (FBME,UTM)
Cert. Ed.(MP.Pinang)
B.Sc. Ed. (Physical Edu.)(UPM)
M. Ed (Leadership)(QUT)
Ph.D (Health)(QUT)
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Associate Professor


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin bin Zainuddin
B. Ed. (Physical Education) (UPM)
M. Sc. (UPM)
Ph.D (Edith Cowan University Perth,Western, AUS)

E-mel :
Room : C15-402-01
Tel : 07-5534301
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamdan bin Said
B.Ed. (UTM)
M. Ed. (Queensland University Of Technology,AUST)
Ph.D (Idaho State University Pocatello,USA)
E-mel :
Room : C13-308-01
Tel : 07-5534098
baharin Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baharin bin Abu
Dip. (Maktab Sains Mara Kuantan)
B.Sc. (Eastern Mich, Uni. Ypsilanti, Mich,USA)
M. Ed (Eastern Mich, Uni. Ypsilanti, Mich,USA)
Ph.D (Uni. Of Birmingham, UK)
E-mel :
Room : C15-304-01
Tel : 07-5534302
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeo Kee Jiar
B. A. Ed. (Hons.) (USM)
M. Ed. (Ed. Tech)(UTM)

Ph.D (Ed. Psychology)(UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C14-315-01
Tel : 07-5534426
lokman Assc. Prof. Dr. Lokman bin Mohd Tahir
B. A.(Honours)(USM)
Diploma in Education (Honours)
M. Ed(Educational Management) (UKM)
Ph.D (Educational Management) (UKM)
E-mel :

Room : C13-329-01
Tel : 07-5534380
faezah Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faizah binti Abd. Ghani
B. Ed. (Honours) (UPM)
M. Ed. (UTM)
Ph.D (UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C14-327-01
Tel : 07-5534326
Assoc. Prof Dr. Yusof bin Boon
B. Ed. (Uni. Hasanuddin, Indonesia)
M. Ed. (Uni. Hasanuddin, Indonesia)

Dip. (UTM)
Ph.D (UM)
E-mel :
Room : C15-410-01/C15-207-05
Tel  (Office): 07-5534405 /(Room) 07-5534370
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azlina binti Mohd Kosnin
Bachelor of Human Sciences (Psychology)(UIA)
M. Sc. in Education (Child Development) (Uni. of London, UK)
Ph.D (Uni. of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)
E-mel :
Room : (Office) C22-214-01 /(Room) C13-328-01
Tel : (Office) 07-5534506 /(Room) 07-5534298
malmuzamil Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Al-Muzammil bin Yasin
B. Sc in Education (Honors) (UTM)
Masters of Arts (MA) (Educational Administration and
Policy Studies) (OHIO State Uni, USA)
Ph.D (Florida Atlantic University, Florida, USA )
E-mel :
Room : C13-329-01
Tel : 07-5534291
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim bin Hamdan
Ba.ed. (Honours) (Geography)(USM)
M. Ed (Curriculum and Instruction)(UTM)
Ph.D (Profesional and Continuing Education)(University of Surrey, UK)

E-mel :
Room : C13-330-01
Tel : 07-5534302/07-5534261


Senior Lectures

zainudinbakar1 Dr. Zainudin bin Abu Bakar
B. of Arts (History)(Uni. Padjadjaran Bandung, Indonesia)
Dip. in Education (Pe/History) (UTM)
M. Ed. (Educational Psychology) (UKM)
Ph.D (Educational Psychology)  (Uni. of Bristol, UK)
E-mel :
Room : C14-331-01
Tel : 07-5534414
Dr. Hamimah binti Abu Naim
Dip. in Education (UTM)
B. Education (Pysics)(UTM)
M. Ed. (Measurement & Evaluation) (UTM)

Ph.D (Educational Psychology)
E-mel :
Room : C15-317-01
Tel : 07-5534389
ahmadjohari Dr. Ahmad Johari bin Sihes 
B.Sc. (Chemistry)(Uni. of Minnesota At Duluth, USA)
M. Ed (Curriculum Construction) (Uni. of Minnesota At Duluth, USA)
Ph.D (Curriculum Construction) (UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C21-414-01
Tel : 07-5534027
hadijah Dr. Hadijah binti Jaffri 
B. A. (Psychology) (UIAM)
M.A., (Educational Psychology)(UIAM)
Ph.D (Educational Psychology)(Uni. Durham, UK)
E-mel :
Room : C13-325-01
Tel : 07-5534292
hee Dr. Hee Jee Mei 
B.Sc. Ed. (Agricultural Science)(UPM)
M. Ed. (Curriculum Instruction)(UPM)
Ph.D (Open & Distance Education)(Deakin Uni. Melbourne, AUST)
E-mel :
Room : C13-315-01
Tel : 07-5534592
hassan Tn. Hj. Hassan bin Hushin 
Dip.Ed. (Physics)(UTM)
B.Sc. (Physics)(UTM)
M. Ed. (Washington State Uni. Pullman USA)
E-mel :
Room : C14-401-01
Tel : 07-5534454
Dr. Sanitah binti Mohd Yusof 
B. A. (Malay Literature and Linguistics Malay)(Honours)(USM)
M. Ed. (Curriculum Instruction)(UTM)
Ph.D (Curriculum Instruction)(UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C15-314-01
Tel : 07-5534400
Dr. Hafizah binti Harun 
B.Sc. (Exercise Science) (Uni. of Kansas, Lawrence, USA)
M. (Sports and Exercise Science-Biomechanics and Sports Psychology)(Uni. of Kansas, Lawrence, USA)
Ph.D (Biomedical Engineering)(UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C13-201-01
Tel : 07-5534473
jamaludinramli En. Jamaluddin bin Ramli 
B. A.(Economics & Administrative)(UM)
Dip. (History)(UIA)
M. Ed (Guidance & Counseling)(UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C13-321-01
Tel : 07-5534281
khadijah Dr. Khadijah binti Daud 
Dip. Ed. (Honours)(UM)
B.Ec. (Honours)(UM)
M.Ed (Indiana State University, USA)
Ph.D (UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C14-329-01
Tel : 07-5534418
narina Dr. Narina binti A. Samah
B. of Human Sciences (Psychology)(Honours) (UIAM)
M. of Human Sciences (Psychology)(UIAM)
Ph.D (Uni. of Bristol, UK)
E-mel :
Room : C15-419
Tel : 07-5534411

Dr. Zainudin bin Hassan 
B. A. (Honours)(Linguistic)(UKM)
M. Ed. (Development Education)(UTM)
Ph.D (UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C15-311-01
Tel : 07-5534394

halijah (1) Dr. Halijah Ibrahim
Dip. (Human Development)(UPM)
B. Ed (Physical Education)(UPM)
M. Ed (Sport Science)(UiTM)
Ph.D (Sport Science)(Uni. of. Western Sydney, Aust)
E-mel :
Room : C15-313-01
Tel : 07-5534388
   Dr. Adibah binti Abdul Latif
B. Sc. Ed. (Honours)(Islamic Studies)(UTM)
M. Ed. (Measurement and Evaluation) (UTM)
Ph.D (Measurement and Evaluation) (UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C15-407-01
Tel : 07-5534377
Dr. Rohaya binti Talib
BBA (Honours) (Accounting)(Uni. of. Toledo, Ohio USA)
Dip. Ed. (Maktab Perguruan Malaysia Teknik, Cheras, KL)
M. Ed (Measurement & Evaluation)(UTM)
Ph.D (Measurement & Evaluation)(UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C15-321-01
Tel : 07-5534398

Dr. Aqeel Khan
Post Graduate Diploma (Psychological Counseling)
B.A. (Psyhology)
M. A. (Psyhology)(Aligarh Muslim University, India)
Ph.D (Psyhology)(Aligarh Muslim University, India)
E-mel :
Room : C13 – 201-02
Tel : 07-5534550
 zakiah Dr. Zakiah binti Mohamad Ashari
Dip. (IT) (Kolej Sal)
Certificate in Computer Science (MLVK)
B.Ed. (Preschool Education)
Ph.D ((Educational Psychology)(UTM)
E-mel :
Room : Blok M39
Tel :07-5533174
Dr. Jamilah binti Ahmad
B. Science (Perniagaantani)
M. Ed (Management and Administration)(UTM)
Ph.D (Management and Administration)(UTM)
Room : Blok M39 wing B
Tel :07-5533177
Dr. Asha Hasnimy binti Mohd Hashim
Dip. in Science(Biomedical)(University of Wollongong, Australia))
M. (Public Health )(University of Wollongong, Australia)

Ph.D (Sport Science Education) (UPSI)
E-mel :
Room : C105-328-01
Tel : 07-5534882



shahrin En. Shahrin bin Hashim
B. (Honours)(Business Management)(UUM)
Dip. Ed. (UTM)

M. Ed. (Education & Development) (UTM)
E-mel :
Room : C21-418-01
Tel : 07-5534096
En. Syahrul Ridhwan b Morazuki  
B.Science with Education (Sports Science)(UTM)
M. Science (Sports Science)(USM)
E-mel :
Room : Blok M39
Tel : 07-5538838



hafizismail En. Muhammad Hafiz bin Ismail  
Bachelor of Science with Education (Sport Science)(UTM)
Master of Education (Sports Science)(UPSI)

E-mel :
Room : C21-419
Tel : 07-5534098
dian Cik Diyana Zulaika binti Abdul Ghani   *Study Leave

M. (Physiology)(UTM)
E-mel :

Room : Blok M39
Tel : 07-5538836