Dr. Aqeel Khan is faculty in the Department of Educational Foundation and Social science, Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) JOHOR, Malaysia. His research interest includes Social Psychology, Positive Psychology and Educational Psychology. He has published 21 articles in indexed Web of science Impact factor  indexed academic journals. At present he is executing research projects and supervising PhD and Master students. Dr. Khan also teaching courses of research method, counseling and psychology at post graduate level.

Dr. Aqeel Khan is the organizer of International Conference on Educational Studies-2015  & International Conference on Applied Counselling and Psychology (ICACP-2017)

Dr. Aqeel Khan has 60+ publications in Journals, Proceedings, and Book Chapters.

Guest Editor In-chief of Man In India journal 2016


Recent ISI Indexed Publications :

  1. Bernardo, A. B. I., Salanga, M. G. C., Tjipto, S., Hutapea, B., Yeung, S. S., & Khan, A. (2016). Contrasting lay theories of polyculturalism and multiculturalism: Associations with essentialist beliefs of race in six Asian cultural groups.  Cross Cultural Research, 50 (3), 231–250.  (ISI Indexed, Impact Factor: 1.212). (Quartile=1).
  1. Hamdan, A.R., Anuar, M.K., & Khan, A. (2016). Implementation of co-teaching approach in an inclusive classroom: overview of the challenges, readiness, and role of special education teacher. Asia Pacific Education Review, 17, 289–298 (ISI Indexed, Impact Factor: 0.839). (Quartile=2).
  1. Khan, A., Hamdan, A.R., Ahmad, R., Mustaffa, M.S., & Mahalle, S. (2016). Problem-Solving Coping and Social Support as Mediators of Academic Stress and Suicidal Ideation Among Malaysian and Indian Adolescents. Community Mental Health Journal52(2), 245-250. DOI 10.1007/s10597-015-9937-6. (ISI Indexed, IMPACT FACTOR 1.112).  (Quartile=2).
  2. Bernardo, A. B. I., Salanga, M. G. C., Khan, A., & Yeung, S. S. (2016). Internal and external loci-of-hope predict use of individual and collaborative learning strategies: Evidence from university learners in four Asian cities. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 25 (3),367-376. doi:10.1007/s40299-015-0249-y. (ISI Indexed, IMPACT FACTOR 0.737). (Quartile=3).
  3. Tahir, L., Mohd Said, M.N.H., Daud, K., Vazhathodi., S.H., & Khan, A. (2016). The Benefits of Headship Mentoring: An Analysis of Malaysian Novice Head teachers’ Perceptions. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 44, 420-450. (ISI Impact Factor: 0.471). (Quartile=3).
  4. Janssens, H., Verkuyten, M. & Khan, A. (2015). Perceived social structural relations and group stereotypes: A test of the Stereotype Content Model in Malaysia. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 18(1), 52-61. doi: 10.1111/ajsp.12077. (ISI Indexed, IMPACT FACTOR 0.466). (Quartile=4).